Tritons SwimRun Session

Sunday 28th April 2019

Join Olivier Baillet on Saturday to find out more on racing Swin-Run events. An information sharing and practical session, followed by a well-deserved brunch/coffee at the Pulse and debrief.

Event time: 9:00am-11:00am (meet at 8:50)
Location: Repulse Bay Beach, meet at carpark opposite 711
Contact: Olivier Baillet at 9850 0761 or Fenella Ng at 9172 0299.

Fee:  Tritons $100, Guests $125

In the past couple of years, SwimRun has become increasingly popular with the Otillo races and many other local/regional races.

This is a information sharing + practical session, followed by a well deserved brunch/coffee at the Pulse and a debrief.
* Find out what is SwimRun is all about , the history, founding myth and evolution.
* Why do SwimRun and relation to triathlon?
* The skills and profile of SwimRunners.
* SwimRun equipment.  Best resources in HKG
* The training and racing skill set, including swimming & running, temperature/nutrition/gear management.
* Training tips and racing locally and overseas. Individual vs Team racing.