Sassy Sporty Mummies

Outside of the traditional triathlete training ground, a few Tritons have been busy working on a new multi-sport skill set, including burping, bouncing, and rocking the future generation of Tritons.

New Triton Mums, Karen King, Fiona Foxon, Sally Day, Veronica Llorca, Annabel Arthur and soon-to-be-2nd-time-Mum Yukari Iso have temporarily traded in their two wheels for a more comfortable four-wheeled variety.


Recently, new Mum Veronica Llorca led a Triton’s mixed relay team to sixth place victory during the Peak24 running race.  Featuring fellow new Mum, Fiona Foxon, new Dad and proud owner of Dad-bod, Peter Hanna, new Triton and first-time-racer Angelica, and thank-goodness-we-have-an-anchor-and-a-real-fit-person Jimmy Stewart, the team raised HKD $2000 for anti-slavery charities on behalf of the Tritons AND managed to finish 3 seconds faster than a mixed team from a small, unknown, competitor Triathlon club!

Often found cross-training up on the Morning Trail, occasionally in the pool, on the bike, or talking race plans for 2018, these ladies aren’t letting a little sleep deprivation get in the way of staying healthy!

Watch this space for an update on a very competitive age group in 2030!!!