Tri ShekO Challenge, May 2020

Friday 1st May 2020

First on the menu for the Tritons is a unique Sheko course for you to attempt. All three disciplines to be completed within May. The segments can be done on the same day or over several days

If you want to, you can even do several attempts to achieve your "A" race goals.  Complete the 3 legs (or any individual segments if you don't do all 3 disciplines) and upload to Strava.


Route - Tower 1 - Opposite orange buoy next to shark net - along the shark net loop around buoy 3 - back around buoy 1 and back to buoy 3  -  swim straight towards beach and finish with run up the beach to Tower 3



If you have any questions please contact Ally who has been very kind and set this first challenge up!

Win prizes sponsored by Escapade Sports: