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Coffee with Cae #3 - Jeff Wei, Nick Mawdsley, Sam Holyoak

Covid-19 continues to impact our lives, pools remain closed, as are the beaches. The adventurous can still find portals into the open water, still cold but as clear as Evian. We are all dealing with this race-free, travel-free world in different ways.

Coffee with Cae #2 - Mandy, Fed & Yves

Imagine: sun dappled palm trees, blue sky, azure ocean and the strumming of a ukulele. This time of year we usually have just one thing on our mind… Kona. Breakfast with Bob is cancelled in 2020, so you have to make do with (another) “Coffee with Cae”.

Tritons ShekO Challenge May

The weather Gods were with us, resulting in a fabulous morning in ShekO after days of rain and thunderstorms!

Coffee with Cae #1 Marc & Anne

In Kona we get “Breakfast with Bob”… in Hong Kong we get “Coffee with Cae”