70.3 Jeju, Korea

A big Tritons group heading out to Korea for the Jeju 70.3.

Posted on Sunday 8th July 2018

Lot's of HK athletes taking part and their supporters made it over to Jeju for this event...
CK, Dana, Evie, Jeff S, Jerry, Marc A, Steph L, Andres, James C, Yijia, Laurent. Mark L. Brenda, Ken, Anthony, Joaquin, Darren and Jenny B.

Windy conditions meant a shortened 500m swim but the Tritons prevailed.  Congrats to Mark L 2nd, Andres T 2nd despite some extra kms on the bike , and Jennifer B in 1st  Yijia’s also claimed a relay podium. Woo hoo. At the end of the day, Jenny, Stephanie, Brenda and Joaquin also picked up South Africa World Champs slots 

"Was not feeling super great coming into this race with inadequate training, missed flights, and scary rains and winds. While the bike course was hard and I definitely felt the pain from lack of training, I was so glad that I decided to finish this race with the encouragement of amazing teammates and my #1 cheerleader! What's even better was that I managed to grab a spot to the World Championships in South Africa!! I arrived feeling uncertain and unprepared, but I left feeling more motivated and energized than ever! Time to get serious about training!"  

Stephanie Lau