70.3 Shanghai

The Crew were also racing up in Shanghai this weekend.

Posted on Sunday 21st October 2018

Great showing from the Tritons at 70.3 Shanghai.
Toby 4:14  - Kona WC slot in pocket, Jeff 6th, 4:37 - Nice 70.3 WC slot in pocket, Marc A 13th, 4:50 - Kona WC slot in pocket
Nick M 15th, 4:59, Stu 31st, 5:21, Margo 5th, 5:29, James B 19th, 5:30, Ruth 6th, 5:31, Damo 30th, 5:41, Mary 7th, 5:48
Good to see Chris Pollard and Sacha racing with the crew too.  Congrats team. You guys rock!

Race Report: Toby

Winner Winner Kona Dinner. Pain in paradise will commence again in 2019! Waiting on the rest of the HK crew to join the party! 

 Shanghai was a great race…with the only hiccup being the swim. I wasn’t prepared to swim blind in the dark green abyss known as Chongming lake. I started off swimming with HK uber swimmer Kevin, but had trouble staying on his feet because…well, I couldn’t see his feet. Every time I looked up to sight, Kev was swimming ahead either on my left or on my right. I was imagining at this moment Fenella or Annemarie smacking me on the side of the head and yelling at me to swim straight. Ended up swimming 2100+ meters in a very zigzaggish route. I’m blaming the wetsuit.

 The rest of the race went as planned. Bike was flat and fast as well as the run. It was sad to see a lot of drafting on course with pretty much zero marshalling. Karma’s a bitch and cheaters will get what they deserve sooner or later.

 Thanks to The Swim Lab for keeping me swim fit and the rest of my sponsors for making me look good along with being fast.

 Lastly, thanks to my amazing wife Ruth. Over this past year she’s improved so much and it’s just amazing that we can share these experiences together. I’m pretty sure she’s ready for a beer though, so get ready to see her get a bit wild at the Triton’s drinks this Friday. 

 Congrats to Jeffrey and Marc for earning their Nice slots. Shanghai was a competitive race and they raced hard for it. Well deserved.

 Special congrats to my bro Casey. He raced his first ever triathlon with very minimal run training due to a calf injury. I thought he’d be walking the entire half marathon, but he gutted it out and finished with a respectable time. I think he'll be having problems sitting on the toilet though. 

 Side note: The food is really crap on Chongming island. The day before the race we had fried rice for breakfast, fried rice for lunch, and you guessed it…fried rice for dinner. If you plan on racing Shanghai next year, bring your own grub.