70.3 Whistler, Canada

By Toby Chu

Posted on Sunday 28th July 2019

IM 70.3 Canada. 

Hands down one of the most scenic courses I’ve ever raced...but this one hurt like a b********tch.

My training volume has been quite low the past 2 months so I knew coming into this race I’d probably face some problems. My game plan was to go a bit easier on the bike and work my way through the run. Um...Whistler bike course had other ideas. Touuugh!

By the end of the bike, my legs felt like a sack of bricks. 5km into the run and I knew I’d be dealing with the jelly legs for the rest of the race. Lots...of...pain! With this being a hometown race, my friends and family came up from Vancouver to cheer me on, which definitely helped...kinda...not really...ok, I didn’t see them, but thanks for coming!