IM Kona, World Championships

Ray P and Rob T rocking it on the big island.

Posted on Saturday 13th October 2018

Congtrats to Ray on his 5th Kona finish, in 9:29:41, and to Rob T on his maiden visit in 10:06:18.

Great to have Regina and kids, Dom E and Crystal Wong there in support too and taking part in all the fun.

"Very happy to finish my 5th race in Kona in 9:29hrs. Had a great race despite loosing 12min changing a flat tire, as the saying goes "It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. What matters is how many times you get up and get going…"  - unfortunately I've had mechanical 3 mechanical issues in the last 4 full ironmans all within one year! as much as I've learned from them I really hope this was the last one! Thanks @reginavalos for always being there and dragging the kids all around the course today! "

Ray Picard

"The place sure lived up to its reputation ! 

 Amazing memories made and hopefully one day I’ll be back for more ! 

 Thankyou to EVERYBODY from start to finish in this journey and adventure. Family friends colleagues team mates coaches , Bike Energy Lab who at the last minute worked their nuts off to get me a part for my bike (cannot recommend these guys enough ). As predicted ..... it’s left me more hungry than content. Mahalo everyone"

Rob Turnbull