IM70.3 World Championship @ Chattanooga, by Ray P.

Big kudos to IRONMAN for finally finding a way of making a tough & honest world championship course to avoid drafting on the bike! I hardly saw anyone drafting and yet all penalty boxes were full! Marshals did a great job giving no second chances to anyone!

Posted on Sunday 10th September 2017

I had a great race, I gave my 100% on this race plus all the energy I got from all the high fives from the local kids out there! Thanks to the huge Mexican crowd who cheered all the way on the run, to the guys from Endurance Corner out there supporting and everyone else who shouted my name without even knowing me. I wish you all knew how much it helps when you're out there specially in such a tough run!  It was great to see all the Tritons out in force too, always nice to race with familiar faces.

I finished above my expectations in 13th place (4:27) in my AG out of 386 (within 3%), a big improvement from my 27th place in Mooloolaba last year. Thanks also to swimlab sessions in HK and now in remotely in San Diego my swim had a big improvement, had one of my best swims in terms of position, I was able to finish within the first 25% when im always  on the second half.

Now, time for one last push before the big dance in Kona in less than 5 weeks! (photo credit: Enrique Limón Franco fromTrimexico)