ITU World Champs Olympic Distance by Jeroen N.

The good: first race in my home country, Holland – even better, race was in Rotterdam, where I went to college. Was great to join Team Hong Kong (there were two of us… not necessarily the biggest team out there…). Huge turnout otherwise – 4,000 plus running around. After a week of heavy rain, we had bright sunshine on race day. Good times.

Posted on Thursday 14th September 2017

The bad-ish: water temperature was 18 Celsius, which was “refreshing”, but doable in a suit (not a hero in cold water…). The bike course was kind of crazy – lots of double-backs, cobblestones, and speed bumps. Bunch of ambulances chasing around the course as a result. Got a 2 minute drafting penalty for pausing to say hi to a Team Japan member… Harshness…

The ugly-ish… Couldn’t find my shoes in T2. Yes, I was in the wrong row. This is after almost falling off my bike at dismount, slamming down the rear wheel and blocking the breaks, so I had to carry my bike into T2. Smooth!!!