Strava Update - only 3 weeks to go!!!

We have the swim results in, and the strava challenge is coming to a finish with only 3 weeks to go! So if you want a chance to place highly on this acclaimed competition, and more importantly win some prizes - the time to act is NOW!

Posted on Monday 7th November 2016

This was more than evident on the latest Tuesday morning training ride when over 20 Triton cyclist's turned out for the "Peak Attack" resulting in a few Pb's including the QOM being taken by Christina with a time of 15:52!

As it stands there is only one Triton that has completed all the segments and the swim, so it looks like this smart cookie - Konrad - is on track to take all the prizes, even those for the best female contestants.  

Threats to his position can be only from those that completed the swim AND are signed up on STRAVA so that limits the field to the following:

  • Benjamin Grenon
  • Christina Sjöholm
  • Jane Griffiths
  • Jeffrey Wei
  • Konrad Grabczuk
  • Laurent Laclaverie
  • Mandy Tik
  • Marc Abecassis
  • Margaret Ko
  • Nicholas Mawdsley
  • Robert Kushner
  • Ross Milward
  • Ruth Chen
  • Stuart Wong
  • Tobias Chu

If your name is on this list its time to step up and target those segments! Even if you are not on the list why not get out there and support those that are, or at least get a few times that you can brag about. It will allow you to say things like "well I would have beaten xxx if I had done the swim,... and I had had my lightweight bike on the peak climb,...and I had trained a bit more on flat runs". You get the idea!

Exact timings are available at matesrace, biketimes here and runtimes here. Swim times are attached and can be downloaded with the button below.

Its still all to play for and there is a great opportunity to get a good time in the run segment up the morning trail as Ross is leading a group run on Friday, 11th Nov, 6.30am. Meet at Conduit Rd/Hatton Rd.

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