By Olivier Baillet

Posted on Sunday 19th May 2019

Beyond The Line swimrun event was a huge success.
Around 120 registered entrants, Colting SwimRun prizes and a lucky draw. his Terramar organised race, felt more like an extended family bringing together open water swimmers, trail runners and triathletes. All the usual suspects welcoming slightly intimdated new comers.

Gosh that win was hard. I might be one of the key players in the Swimrun scene in Hong Kong (athlete, social media advocate, speaker, co-organizer, Colting Swimrun products distributor), AG wins and overall top 3 don’t come easy, as superfit newcomers make the jump into this awesome sport! Loved every second of Beyond The Line Swimrun, though!

Awesome support team, great course. In a nutshell: we had a blast at Beyond The Line SwimRun. Amazing race, with competitors toeing the start line in Stanley, Hong Kong, in the scorching heat and conditions. 14km in all, including 3 decent swims. T

Next race Sept 22 in Sai Kung.