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  • Welcome to the Tritons Triathlon Club

    Welcome to the Tritons Triathlon Club

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Welcome to the Tritons Triathlon Club

Welcome to the Tritons Triathlon Club. Our website will tell you all you need to know about us, how to join us, train and race with us and of course, hang out with us!

Club Founders

  • Annemarie Munk

    Since being introduced to triathlon in 1997, I have seen this sport swell, and I never would have imagined our little club to be as successful as it is today.

    "I started coaching triathletes in my SouthSide Masters program in 2004 with just 8 folks in the pool, once a week. That grew and developed into the IHP Tri Program and in 2009, I formed Tritons with my dear friends Fen and Mike. “

    I am very proud of what the Club hs become and look forward to seeing it continue to provide our members the opportunity to enjoy training, racing and partying for many years to come.

  • Fenella NG

    Sports has always played an integral role in my life, most notably my pursuits in swimming and rowing. However a little know fact is that I prematurely dipped my toes into the world of multisport events way back in my teens to compete in some early aquathlons.

    " I still enjoy racing, even if it’s very much just for fun and fitness these days, and of course the camaraderie amongst the Tritons fraternity“

    Naturally the swimming comes easy to me, I’m still relatively new to cycling but enjoy the weekly rides out in Tung Chung, and the run...well this can best be described as “whatever it takes” (run, jog, walk or crawl) to get me over the finish line.

  • Mike Tse

    Since formation of the IHP Tri Program in 2007 and later the Tritons Club in 2009 together with two other experienced coaches, Fen and AM, I have been amazed not only at the growth of this sport.

    "It is a pleasure for me to share with members my 20 years of experience in high performance coaching of elite athletes of all ages“

    Our Club has been able to offer to our membership in terms of technical support, training, racing camaraderie, and most of all the fabulous social aspect of this unique sport.