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About Tritons

  • Social Club Ride 17th of September
  • Tritons Socials Alert!
  • Australia - Great Ocean Road Bike Tour - 28 January – 1 February 2017
  • Shek O Rookie ride + Tritons May Group Ride
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  • Everyone is welcome to join the Club ride on 17th of Sep at 6.30AM.

    From Governor's House via Kennedy Road, Stubbs Road and then towards ShekO for breakfast before we return back to Central.

    Don't forget to wear your club kit:)



  • The social secretary has been busy adding some events to the Tritons social calendar. First up is a get togethor for drinks on June 17th for no better reason that to celebrate the end of the week!


  • We are testing the water with offering a bike tour to Australia over Chinese New Year 2017. Leaving HK Friday eve riding Sat-Wed and flying back Wednesday night - only need to take 2 days holiday!

    Historically we have only offered tours close to HK to keep costs and travel time down but wanted to put this one out there and see if there is any interest! Looks like a fantastic 5 days of riding and with it being summer in OZ you can always extend and stay the week. So that we can get the best deals on flights & also allow those with air miles to book early we need to have confirmation of attendance by 30th June. To book a spot it will require a HKD 2,000 deposit. If we do not get enough people and the tour does not go ahead we will refund the deposit. 


  • Everyone is welcome to join the Club ride on may 28th - please wear club kit :-)

    From Governor's House via Stubbs Road (second meeting point at the Adventist roundabout), the Peak climb (optional), Sinopec, then on to Sheko.


Special offers for Tritons!

  • Streamline Sports- HIGH 5 Nutrition
  • Kick the Pain
  • AMO Sunglasses
  • Finis
  • LifeCycle
  • Bike Energy Lab
  • Joint Dynamics
  • Stanley Wellness Centre
  • New Balance Run Shoes
  • SolRX

Tritons Target Races

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1,000.00 HKD

Worried about damaging your expensive race wheels on a training ride out at Tung Chung? Why not score yourself a pair of kick ass Carbon wheels and keep the good wheels fresh and sweet for race...

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