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Ironman 70.3 Japan Race Report

Mark Lee's race report from Japan


Following the Aquathon, many Tritons boarded the Sea Lynx to celebrate with founding member and coach, Annemarie Munk, prior to her departure to the UK.


A great turnout at the Aquathon event on the 17th June, despite what the weather gods could throw at us.

Ray Picard's Ironman Cairns Report

No matter how many times you do it, it always hurts like hell, and while you run you always promise to yourself never to do it again and yet this was my 12th full ironman. I guess it is the unexplainable satisfaction when crossing the finish line that makes you forget all the pain, always wanting you to go back for more.

Festival of Sports Race Reports

Tritons FOS race report by Jeff.


Outside of the traditional triathlete training ground, a few Tritons have been busy working on a new multi-sport skill set, including burping, bouncing, and rocking the future generation of Tritons.

Sophia Lai's Races Reports

Congratulations to Sophia Lai who reached Gold at the Port Dickson Triathlon in Malaysia on 22 April, and third overall at the Sprint! Read her story here.

Race report Taiwan challenge 2017

Three lessons from Challenge Taitung: Do plan to travel at least two days in advance of the race… you never know when you might have a transport breakdown and don’t trust the bus driver claiming to have “tricks” for an over heating radiator. Don’t trust the race director when he says that the marshals never give out drafting penalties. Do get an aero bike!

Ironman 70.3 Danang

Great conditions for this year's Vietnam 70.3 race in Danang. Still hot but thankfully less than last year. Very well organised and in a beautiful location. Well done to Ray P. for another awesome race and to Alex G. for finishing his first half Ironman. Here is his first 70.3 report.